About Revolution

Introducing Jim Cloutier Owner/Chief Instructor. I have been doing martial arts for most of my life. I trained growing up in a lot of traditional styles. For the last 12 years I have been studying a self defense system. I have come up with a system that is a real world system. What I mean by that is real life scenarios. Anyone can train in this system. Be more aware more confident and safe for you and your family.

All Revolution Real World Self Defense classes are taught by instructors with experience in real world defense situations. Students learn situational awareness and practice conflict de-escalation. Our classes addresses how to deal with verbal confrontations while also learning ways to defend themselves against a physical attack. By class completion, participants will have repeatedly used their newfound skills to assess danger, set boundaries, and respond effectively to verbal and physical aggression. Students always get the chance to use full-force techniques against a staff instructor donning specially designed protective gear.

The quicker you recognize the threat, the more likely you will prevail.

  • Respond effectively to verbal and physical aggression (belligerent people)
  • Describe and demonstrate levels of awareness and condition readiness
  • Demonstrate how to set boundaries, and control and maintain the “reactionary gap”
  • Demonstrate defensive strikes against an assailant
  • Describe and demonstrate what to do following an attack